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BayPath Area Agency on Aging
Title III Programs for FY 2011

Title III-B Elder Support Services
Title III-D Elder Health Promotion Services
Title III-E Support Services for Caregivers
Area Plan 2010-2013

Title III grants are awarded through the Area Agency on Aging (AAA) at BayPath to non-profit organizations serving elders throughout our MetroWest coverage area. Grant applications are submitted and reviewed by an Allocations Committee. Recommendations are then made to the AAA Advisory Council, and presented to the BayPath Board of Directors, who vote to approve the grant allocations.

These grants are supported with federal funds authorized under the Older Americans Act, and are targeted to meet the highest priority needs of persons 60 years of age and older. Title III funds are also utilized to support additional programs at BayPath, including Nutrition, Caregiver, Ombudsman, and Information and Referral.

Eligability for any of these programs is not means-tested, and the services provided (with the exception of Caregiver services) are available to any elder who resides in our service area.

If you, or any elder, are in need of these services, please contact that agency directly.